Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Kitchen Renovations Continue!!

 We are three weeks into the project.   Demolition has been completed.  We have had the plumbers in adding plumbing for the new prep sink and moving the plumbing for the dishwasher to its new location.   Electricians were here for a few days, pot lights added, roughed in the pendant lights for the prep sink area, and all the appliances are being moved to different locations and we have added a couple of extras that will be revealed once they are installed.  We had to get a new fuse box as the one the builder gave us was not appropriate for the size of this house and we had run out of room.  We had pretty much one full day of no power in the house during the fuse box replacement. It is worth it though.

We had a new patio door installed.   A garden door as opposed to a sliding door.   The old sliding door was getting more and more difficult to open as time went on and Dave has had to put the handle back on a few times.  LOL    This one is much better and has a dead bolt lock.

The new fireplace has been installed as well. And the old corner one has been removed.   Framing has been completed around the fireplace and we will be getting a custom mantle and the same stone used on the outdoor fireplace will be used on the indoor fireplace surround as well.  

We will be having heated floors in the main kitchen area to keep those delicate tootsies of mine warm and comfy on those cold winter mornings.

And the floor tile has arrived!!  There was a slight delay in getting the floor tile in, so the project is behind schedule, which is what we expected.  We have learned that when you are doing renovations expect delays and be patient or you will drive yourself crazy!!

Just have to say I love the tile.  When we picked it out, we saw just one sample piece. Now that the tile is here, and have had a chance to play with layout etc.  I have to say I love that each piece is different and will add some gorgeous texture to room once its completed. 

The laying of tile has begun!!  And walls and ceiling have been painted.  The sections of wall that are not painted will be covered with cabinetry, appliances, and backsplash tile.   We are starting to see real progress now!!   The cabinetry installation is suppose to start later this week, just a little exciting!!  

These next few pictures are to show you that when it comes to kitchen renovations it not just the kitchen that is being affected, its other areas of the house too.   My living and family rooms are a hot mess right now.   And we have had to do some moving of things in the basement so the plumbers and electricians could have access to the ceiling in the basement.  The furnace room area had to be cleared out, that is where most of the work occurred as the main kitchen area is directly above.  The closet where the fuse box is located was cleared out so they could work on replacing it.   And we had to pack up and clear out part of my studio *sigh*.  The basement family room is storing items from the furnace room, the fusebox closet, what was in the china cabinet and kitchen items not needed during this time period.   Most of my studio items are in Dave's office and the all the furniture is shoved to one side of the room, which makes typing on this computer really cozy.    LOL

Thank you for stopping by and visiting this little corner of the blogging universe.