Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Backyard Visitor

We have had another visitor to our backyard.  After dinner we found this cat lurking in the grass of our backyard.  This cat has been seen many times around our house, just never in our backyard.  Which of course has Dalwhinnie just a little upset.  Dalwhinnie was in the backyard at this time.

This is a very friendly cat, so she decided to approach me for some attention.  Regardless of the barking 60 lb dumb blonde between me and her.

Which of course has Dalwhinnie perplexed.

Dalwhinnie ran barking towards said backyard intruder.  Who basically stood her ground, which again has Dalwhinnie puzzled.  "I don't understand, all intruders run from me?"

"Maybe if I sneak around behind it, it will let me smell its butt.......Nope, its not a good idea"

Cat finally leaves our yard and sits just outside the gate, Dalwhinnie continues barking.  Thinking she succeeded in ridding her yard of the intruder.  Cat is probably thinking "Dog, you are SO annoying.  Not worth my time."  LOL

 Cat is still lurking around.  Hopefully it goes back to its home behind us and doesn't stay out all night and becomes fair game for the coyotes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Bunny Update

Our nest of baby bunnies is empty.  The Saturday of Mother's Day weekend they left the nest, which also was the day Dave cut the grass again, so the kids were put on Bunny duty making sure none got hurt or run over.  They found 5 out of 6 six hiding in various areas of the backyard. And the babies allowed the kids to pet them and stand close to them.  After which they all went in different directions.  One has decided to stay close by, under our next door neighbour's deck.  Tonight over the dinner hour he/she stayed under our corkscrew willow for a good hour.  I managed to get a couple of shots with my zoom lens.  Trying his best to hide in the tall grass.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

First Beach Visit of the Season

Last weekend here in Canada was the Victoria Day long weekend.  And what a gorgeous weekend it was in terms of weather.  Saturday we went for dinner at Dave's parents house, his mom had a birthday and we decided to help celebrate.  And the bonus is they live right on the beach so after dinner and clean up we took the kids to the beach, something they were itching to do all day.

Laura skipping stones just as the sun was setting.  The water was so calm and peaceful.  

And when you mix kids and lake water, you get wet bums, lol.  Our niece Brianna's little wet bum.

Earlier Daniel asked if he could bring his swimsuit and I said no, explained that since its only May the lake will be freezing cold and not fit for swimming.  Little did I realize that kids don't care how cold the water is.    He dunked his head of course.

All three went on a rock/fossil hunt and also the search for the perfect skipping stone and who can skip a stone the farthest.  They even got their youngest cousins in on the stone skipping.

And the results of their rock/fossil hunt, came home with us and added to the collection.

And when we got back to the house it was wash the sand off our feet and of course Basil was there needing some attention which Daniel gladly provided.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.  Enjoy the weekend.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Rabbit Nursery

Yesterday Amanda and I made a startling discovery in our backyard.  Since it was gorgeous weather yesterday, it was all hands on deck in the gardens to help clean them up a bit and start the prep work for planting later this month.  I was working in the vegetable garden at the back of the property and Amanda came over with some questions about the different trees and plants that we have at the bottom of the hill.  We were talking about the pussy willow that I planted under the Manitoba Maple and I noticed a tuft of bunny fur half way down the hill under the Maple tree.  I touched it and said it appears a rabbit got into a fight and hopefully its ok.  Wasn't too concerned, we always have rabbits in the backyard, Dalwhinnie thinks its an awesome sport to chase them around the yard.  

Well, Dalwhinnie noticed me touching the fur, which got her curiosity piqued.  She started to smell around the area, then got really excited and intent on the area.  Then she would start to jump back every once in awhile, like she does when playing with a snake.  I went to check out what it was about this fur that got her all jumpy.  Moved it back and yelled "Oh my heck!!!  There are baby rabbits under there!!!"  

Amanda ran to get Dave so he and I could brainstorm about how to protect these little critters from Dalwhinnie who now knew where they were.  

Scary thing is Dave cut the lawn the day before, right over them, and didn't hurt a single one!!  So lucky.  The wheel of the lawn mower also missed the nest by a few centimetres.  Lucky rabbits.  LOL

We moved the kiddie picnic table over the nest, put some wood on the seats to prevent Dalwhinnie from getting at the nest but allowing momma rabbit to have access to it for feedings.  Tonight after dance I checked the nest and momma rabbit was on it.  Slowly grabbed the dog and went back in the house, let her feed her babies in peace.  

This afternoon after school the kids and I went to check on the nest.   And it appears to be about six little ones in the nest.  We counted all the little heads and ears that are all cramped in together like one big ball trying to stay warm.  I managed to take a couple of pictures,  hard to see, they are all squished together, but their eyes are almost open.  So cute.