Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness

Hello!!  Lots going on here.  Spring has arrived early here in Southern Ontario, we really never had a winter to begin with, which I was not impressed with.  I like real winters with snow, lots of snow, better than dull, grey, boring, dead looking when there is no snow.  

Last week, I saw my first robin in our backyard, now our yard is full of robins, finches, nuthatches, starlings, etc.  

Dalwhinnie's Kong, she got all the peanut butter and treats out.  Waiting for the next round.

I have also been busy with some crafting projects.  Here is a sweet 3 x3 card holder I made while at my Stampin' Up! team meeting a couple of weeks ago.

A layout I made, picture is from our trip to Quebec City while on summer vacation last year.

You find out more about this layout and the cardholder project at my Stampin' U!p Blog, Running with Scissors 

Looking out my front window at the new houses going up.  I miss the views of the countryside we use to have.

The weather here has been phenomnal for March Break.  Sunday we reached temperatures of 15 C.  Goodbye winter coats, hello light jackets.  We went for a walk Sunday at a trail nearby.  And Daniel had to find a spot in the sun out in a field during our hike.  Don't blame him one bit, after months of little to no sunlight, we all need these kind of days.

An old farmer's fence on the trail.

This particular trail you can feed the chickadees who will eat right out of your hands.  We didn't bring any bird food with us since we had Dalwhinnie with us.  But that didn't stop some of the birds from hanging around us.   This little fellow had quite the conversation with me.  I just need to figure out the cloning tool on photo shop and get rid of that little twig hanging in his face.

With the warmer weather nature starts to wake up from its winter slumber.  This colourful moth was in the middle of trail soaking up the sun's warmth and spreading his wings.  

Laura found what appeared to be a few trees whose trunks grew together in a braid.  So cool.

Yesterday the kids and I went for a hike on yet another trail.  This time, we took off our jackets and sweaters, so beautiful and so warm.  On this particular trail we kept coming across numerous garter snakes who were emerging from their nests after winter's hibernation.  Some of them seemed quite curious about us and I managed to get some good shots of these little guys. 

This one was part of the first batch we came across. He just kept staring at me, not at all afraid even when I moved.

Some green starting show along creek and river banks.

 Crossing a board walk to get over a swampy area.  Lots of these around this particular area.  Playing around with some of the effects on my photo editing software as well.

This particular trail and board walk was closed for obvious reasons.

Found this little guy sunbathing on a rock.

March break is coming to end, it is now Thursday, and the kids and I don't want it to end, the weather has been so beautiful. And it is too continue for the next week as well.  I hope to get in my garden in the few days and see what plants are awakening after their winter's sleep.  Love it!!

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