Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 29, 30, 31

Things have been a little crazy around here, Laura has been writing exams, she wrote her last two Monday.  And my washer died.  So our dirty underwear has been piling up.  Today the repairman came, fixed, charged me a lot of money, and left.  I put in my first load of laundry, and yep washer is still broken.  And this guy was the third one I called trying to find someone willing to come out where we live, cause we are so far in the country.  NOT.  He is coming back tomorrow and he better  not charge me again.  But I have managed to take my pictures just not post them.  

Day 29 - Dalwhinnie let me know that I am on the wrong side of the fence.

Day 30  Still in Science Fair Project mode here.  Amanda had me take a picture of her still intact with water inside geode..  We shone a flash light through it hoping to capture the water inside with the camera.  No such luck, but the effect was cool. 

Day 31 -  This particular geode is tubular in shape, pretty cool.  

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