Friday, February 24, 2012

I am back!!!

Whoops, I fell off the project 365 wagon, but I am climbing back on.  Life and such got in the way, working on starting up my Stampin' Up!! business, making changes to my other blog, including address which is now .  

But as with everything in life, when you let the ball drop or stumble on a goal, you get back up and keep going.  

Here are a few updates going in my life.

Dave and I went to the Rotary Club of Cambridge Sunrise annual Valentine's ball in Cambridge.  Dave was the emcee, and is incoming President of the club.  It was a fabulous night, I got to wear a new dress and new shoes.  And best of all Dave won a pair of diamond earrings in his champagne glass.  It is part of their fundraising efforts for the evening, for $20 you can buy a glass of champagne, in the bottom of the glass is a pair of earrings.  But only one glass has a pair of actual diamonds, the rest are cubic zirconia.  And Dave won!!!  And since he doesn't have his ears pierced and has no desire to do so, I was the supportive wife and took them off his hands for him. :)  

This picture Amanda took of Dave and I on our way out the door for the evening.

Also going in our life, is purging purging and purging of clutter and more clutter that has accumulated over our 20 odd years together.  We are currently purging the furnace room which is a bit of a mess from water damage repair from a leaky Kitchen sink drain, and getting ready for renovations as we will be moving our laundry room to this area.  I found our box of honeymoon and wedding memorabilia and found this letter which is a piece of history.  For our honeymoon in 1992 we did a Baltic Sea cruise with Royal Caribbean, and one of our ports was St. Petersburg, Russia for two days.  AMAZING!!  Russia was still part of the U.S.S.R at the time (hadn't dissolved yet) and we had to get Visas in order to visit Russia (this was the only port where we had to have extra documentation besides our passports to visit).  I found a package of letters from Soviet Union consulate outlining our application process, and what we had to be aware of (lots of rules).  Unfortunately we had to turn in our visas as we boarded our ship on the last day of our visit, but we kept everything else.  And this is not something I am planning to get rid of.

Monday was Family Day here and a day off from school and work.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we decided to load up kids and dog for a hike over at Dryden Tract.  We had so much fun and for me being the earthy girl that I am, it really helped to clear the cobwebs from my head and ground me for another week ahead.  And of course, as you can tell by the picture, Dalwhinnie thought it was a pretty awesome excursion as well.  LOL

As I mentioned earlier, I am starting up my Stampin Up!! business, and last night was a shoe box swap at Denise's (my team leader).  This is the card I designed and made for the swap.  You can read about it on my Running with Scissors blog and Denise's blog as well. 

And final picture is of the roses Dave gave me for Valentine's day.  Aren't they gorgeous!!!  I am spoiled by my husband.

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  1. Gorgeous roses! Wow that picture is fabulous!
    Welcome back