Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Backyard Visitor

We have had another visitor to our backyard.  After dinner we found this cat lurking in the grass of our backyard.  This cat has been seen many times around our house, just never in our backyard.  Which of course has Dalwhinnie just a little upset.  Dalwhinnie was in the backyard at this time.

This is a very friendly cat, so she decided to approach me for some attention.  Regardless of the barking 60 lb dumb blonde between me and her.

Which of course has Dalwhinnie perplexed.

Dalwhinnie ran barking towards said backyard intruder.  Who basically stood her ground, which again has Dalwhinnie puzzled.  "I don't understand, all intruders run from me?"

"Maybe if I sneak around behind it, it will let me smell its butt.......Nope, its not a good idea"

Cat finally leaves our yard and sits just outside the gate, Dalwhinnie continues barking.  Thinking she succeeded in ridding her yard of the intruder.  Cat is probably thinking "Dog, you are SO annoying.  Not worth my time."  LOL

 Cat is still lurking around.  Hopefully it goes back to its home behind us and doesn't stay out all night and becomes fair game for the coyotes.

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