Monday, May 7, 2012

Rabbit Nursery

Yesterday Amanda and I made a startling discovery in our backyard.  Since it was gorgeous weather yesterday, it was all hands on deck in the gardens to help clean them up a bit and start the prep work for planting later this month.  I was working in the vegetable garden at the back of the property and Amanda came over with some questions about the different trees and plants that we have at the bottom of the hill.  We were talking about the pussy willow that I planted under the Manitoba Maple and I noticed a tuft of bunny fur half way down the hill under the Maple tree.  I touched it and said it appears a rabbit got into a fight and hopefully its ok.  Wasn't too concerned, we always have rabbits in the backyard, Dalwhinnie thinks its an awesome sport to chase them around the yard.  

Well, Dalwhinnie noticed me touching the fur, which got her curiosity piqued.  She started to smell around the area, then got really excited and intent on the area.  Then she would start to jump back every once in awhile, like she does when playing with a snake.  I went to check out what it was about this fur that got her all jumpy.  Moved it back and yelled "Oh my heck!!!  There are baby rabbits under there!!!"  

Amanda ran to get Dave so he and I could brainstorm about how to protect these little critters from Dalwhinnie who now knew where they were.  

Scary thing is Dave cut the lawn the day before, right over them, and didn't hurt a single one!!  So lucky.  The wheel of the lawn mower also missed the nest by a few centimetres.  Lucky rabbits.  LOL

We moved the kiddie picnic table over the nest, put some wood on the seats to prevent Dalwhinnie from getting at the nest but allowing momma rabbit to have access to it for feedings.  Tonight after dance I checked the nest and momma rabbit was on it.  Slowly grabbed the dog and went back in the house, let her feed her babies in peace.  

This afternoon after school the kids and I went to check on the nest.   And it appears to be about six little ones in the nest.  We counted all the little heads and ears that are all cramped in together like one big ball trying to stay warm.  I managed to take a couple of pictures,  hard to see, they are all squished together, but their eyes are almost open.  So cute.  

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