Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 17 and 18

Day 17, took this yesterday after we had a water damage specialist check out why we were having water leaking in our basement.  We thought it was a crack in the foundation.  Turns out, it was the kitchen sink drain leaking, while inspecting the wall he also noticed that what was suppose to be the vent for the sink, was actually capped off, obviously not doing what it was suppose.  And it might be hard to see behind the tarp, I am not removing it, you can see all black mould going down the wall.  He comes back tomorrow to repair the drain, rip all the studs and insulation etc, off the wall, remove the mould and put in  new studs and insulation.  Just one more plumbing drama that has been an ongoing issue in this house.  You can read about the previous drama which involved the kids bathroom HERE.

Day 18, took this picture just now in the backyard.  We had a line of snow squalls come through today and the kids are excited about the snow and hoping it will actually stay for the rest of the season, keeping our fingers crossed.  Our Adirondack chairs are waiting for spring.  

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