Monday, January 9, 2012

Project 365 Day 8

Day 8, also the first day back to school around here after a two week holiday break.  And Dalwhinnie was moping and pouting around the house because all the fun people i.e. the kids, are gone.  She was left with little ol' me, and frankly I can be rather boring, what with doing laundry, dishes, etc and most of all I give her baths when she has dug up a spot in the yard.  So yeah, I felt sorry for her and I felt I needed to move my butt, it was a well fed holiday break after all, so I decided to take Dalwhinnie for a walk.  She loves her walks, the smells, meeting new people, marking her territory throughout the neighbourhood.  Good times.  What she does hate is her Halti, which is a necessary requirement on a walk since she like to rip my back apart pulling.  Usually the routine of our excursions start off with "woohoo!!! we are going for a walk, I am so excited" attitude from Dalwhinnie, followed by a little chase around the living room coffee table because "I don't want to wear that thing. No!!!  It itches my face"  But the thrill of an excursion out the front door wins every time and she finally succumbs to the Halti, but not without a little attitude as the picture shows.  LOL  And as soon as we are out the door and on our way, she is a happy camper.  Dogs!!!

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  1. Made me smile Rita :) Similar stories here-but it is when my husband leaves and Jack is all mookie because I don't pet him 24/7, but after a while he settles in and he knows we will be heading to the beach for a romp!